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The following questions are the most common questions we get about our products and services. Please read through so that you can feel confident in hiring us to provide deck, railing, and or other services.

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Vinyl Membrane Decks Carpentry Polyurethane Aluminium Railings

Vinyl Membrane Deck FAQ

QCan I purchase and install this myself?
AYes the Econodek vinyl membrane is for DIY applications and can be purchased prepaid in full upon order placement thru us. Installation guide can be found on the Econodek website. No warranty or returns unless product is flawed at time of customer pick up.
QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing sell or install any other brand name vinyl membranes?
ANo we only sell and install the best.
QWhat is the life of the installed vinyl membrane?
A15-30 years depending on application, exposure to weather/sun and maintenance.
QCan you install over existing deck surfaces?
ANo. We only install on new clean G1S T&G plywood and clean/cured concrete. Surfaces must be sloped for proper water drainage.
QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing install all year round?
AYes providing the plywood surface is at least 5 degrees Celsius and dry. During colder & more humid climates we need to hoard and heat the deck area as per distributor guidelines which is at the customers cost and responsibility. Instructions can be found at Tufdek.com
QCan a cut or tear in the vinyl membrane be easily repaired ?
AYes providing the area is clean, dry and has not been in contact with silicone, grease or bitumen based products.

Decking FAQ

QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing provide deck plans and permits?
ANo. Most cities or towns will have a website outlining all the minimum deck and railing requirements. We can help alter your supplied drawing to suit lot size or accommodate certain requirements upon a signed contract and deposit.
QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing provide any engineering services if we want to install a hot tub, patio cover or sunroom on our deck?
AYes we will supply our customer with the names of several independent engineers that the customer can deal with direct upon a signed contract and deposit.
QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing install composite deck surfaces and railings?
AYes. We only install the Timbertech composite deck planks which can be viewed at most Windsor and Timbertown locations. We do NOT install Timbertech railings.
QHow do you clean or remove any contaminants without voiding warranty and reducing product life on composite deck planks?
APlease see the Timbertech.com website for guidelines.
QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing install PT or cedar decks and railings?
AYes but only as a complete deck package including deck frame, deck plank surface, stairs and railings and pilings if required.

Carpentry FAQ

QDoes GC Sundeck & Railing do small deck repairs such as painting or the odd railing spindle, stair case or deck plank replacement?
ANo . We only provide certain services in conjunction with complete deck builds or replacements.

Polyurethane FAQ

QCan we purchase and install this ourselves as we have seen on several you tube videos or websites?
AYes you could. Although we do not recommend this as the products required are expensive and there are no warranties for the end user unless installed thru a dealer network.
QCan polyurethane be installed all year around?
AYes providing the customer ensures the area is clean and dry, hoarded and heated at a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius for the complete 3 step application & curing time.
QWhat is the life of this product?
A50 + years depending on application, exposure to weather/sun and maintenance.
QCan polyurethane be installed over existing surfaces?
ANo, even though some distributors will say otherwise. Since we as the authorized dealer have to provide the warranty we only install on sloped clean & dry G1S T&G plywood or clean & cured concrete surfaces to ensure proper bonding to substrate. Certain surfaces upon cleaning can have polyurethane installed.
QWhy can I not find any warranty info on certain distributor websites?
AWarranty is supplied thru the installation dealer as these are industrial products mostly installed thru experienced applicators only

Aluminium Railings FAQ

QDo you sell railings for DIY installations?
AYes providing the customer supplies all the measurements such as length, height, surface slope and stair degrees according to our requirements and payment in full upon order placement.
QWhat is the life & warranty of your aluminum railing?
ALifetime. Limited lifetime on all the welds. Limited 25 year on finish coating depending on application.
QHow are your railings fastened?
AWe use all galvanized fasteners and each different application will dictate the type of fastener and length required. Proper blocking in walls and substrate is crucial as each fastener needs full length grip strength.
QWhat type of maintenance is required?
ACheck all fasteners and penetration points, recaulk and retorque fasteners if required. Replace broken, missing, corroded or rusted fasteners as railings are only as strong as the weakest link which in most cases is the fastener or poor mounting points.
QWhat railing styles or other aluminum products do you sell?
AAll our aluminum products are custom made for each customer according to the application requirements. If you can supply the picture with all dimensions we can build it.
QAre all your aluminum products engineered?
AOur 36” & 42” high picket style and glass railings are engineered. All other railing styles or aluminum products can be engineered for a fee upon a signed contract and deposit.
QHow do you clean or remove any contaminants without voiding warranty or reducing aluminum finish coating?
ADish soap & a rag or soft brush. Mild non abrasive car wax/polish to return the gloss or remove minor scuff marks or scratches.

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