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  1. Our Quotation is based on government sales tax and import duties as they exist as of the date hereof. If there is any increase in sales tax, in import duties, or if any new taxes are levied, the net amount of the increase shall be added to the quotation price.

  2. The vendor will remedy any defects due to faulty workmanship within 5 years from date of installation on vinyl. 60 Mil Membrane time period on fault of material is 10 years. Aluminum Rail: 10 years on materials, 1 year on workmanship. Other Limitations Apply

  3. The seller's performance of the contract shall be subject to fires, strikes, labor disputes, war, civil commotion, epidemics, embargoes, floods, delays in transportation, shortage of cards, fuel, or other materials, default or failure of carriers or contractors, shortage of labor, acts of God, acts demands, requirements, or request of any state or government or to any other cause beyond the control of the Seller whether or not of a kind herein before specified notwithstanding that such cause is operative at the time of making the contract. If performance of the contract by the Seller be delayed for a period exceeding 500 days by any such cause either party shall at is potion be relieved from further responsibility, otherwise the time of delivery shall be extended as may be necessary to enable Seller to make delivery; provided that in respect of products manufactured or in process of manufacture at the date of exercise of the option such relief from responsibility shall be subject to the consent of the Seller.

  4. Except to the extent otherwise agreed, all products shall be delivered in accordance with the manufacturer's standard practice and shall be subject to the normal tolerances, variations and limitations in respect of dimensions, weight, straightness, service conditions, composition, mechanical properties, internal conditions and quality, to diversions from such tolerances, variations and limitations consistent with practical testing and inspecting methods, and to the Seller's regular mill practice of over and under shipment. Neither part of the contract shall be liable for consequential damages.

  5. Interest will be charged at the rate of 2% per month on all overdue accounts. All Returned cheques will be charged a rate of 50.00 plus applicable bank fees, along with the original invoice amount, payable by CERTIFIED CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER ONLY.

  6. Time is of the essence with respect to payment, and should the Purchaser make default herein or fail to comply with any of the terms hereof, or become bankrupt or insolvent, or sell or dispose of the lands on which said work was performed, the unpaid balance hereunder shall forthwith become due and payable.

  7. Payment for Services and Goods: are to be pre-paid in the following manner: 
    1/2 down on order placement, and the remaining 1/2 on start day, by cheque, cash or money order. 
    Payment is to made to Great Canadian Sundeck & Railing ltd

  8. Title to, property in and ownership of the said goods shall remain with the Vendor, at the Purchaser's risk until all amounts due hereunder, or any renewal or extensions hereof are fully paid.

  9. Special rates, terms, and conditions may govern installation during winter season. Options for Hoarding and Heating may be required, check with the estimator if this is a factor.

  10. After completion and accurate measurement: If a greater footage is found to have been supplied and installed than that calculated, same will be charged for at the unit price for materials and the charge for installation.

  11. Purchaser acknowledges being responsible for all cost incurred by Vendor in collecting outstanding account including without limiting generality of foregoing administration costs, disbursements, court costs, witness fees, expert fees, mileage, legal fees on solicitor/client basis of Vendor, and any other costs whatsoever incurred by Vendor in collecting Purchaser's account.

  12. Purchaser is responsible for obtaining all building and/or development permits

  13. Purchaser acknowledges that as a result of work done by Vendor, that Vendor is entitled to register a Lien on the title to the Purchaser's property. In the event Vendor registers a Construction Lien under the Land Titles Lien Act, Purchaser agrees to pay all Vendor's costs including Vendor's reasonable administrative cost of 65.00 and legal fees.

  14. Purchaser acknowledges that if contract is terminated for any reason whatsoever and Vendor has expended time and materials, crew costs, commissions, administration costs, in performing same that Vendor shall be entitled to deduct its cost from any deposit received from Purchaser and if deposit is not sufficient then shall be entitled to bill Purchaser for differences.

  15. The Vendor recognizes that the customer may, for operation convenience, desire to utilize its own form in acceptance of this quotation or otherwise acknowledge it than by simple acceptance. Therefore it is understood and agreed that any provision in such form which modifies, excludes, or contradicts any provision of this quotation shall be deemed to be waived and that the provisions of this quotation, by such acceptance, form part of the whole contract between the parties. A signed contract or Purchase Order is required in order for clause 17 to be accepted.

  16. That GC Sundeck & Railing Ltd. reserves the right to accept or reject this contract at its option, for any reason.

  17. That they shall allow GC Sundeck & Railing Ltd. workmen access to said property to complete this contract, a 110v 30 amp outlet, and an active water tap.

  18. That the work hereunder may qualify for a Provincial or Federal grant and it shall be the responsibility of the Registered Owner to satisfy themselves as to same.

  19. That GC Sundeck & Railing Ltd. makes no representation as to the insulating factor of the material supplied hereunder.

  20. That defective materials existing on the house such as roofing, decking, trough, etc. are not the responsibility of GC Sundeck & Railing Ltd. in fulfilling this contract, unless replacement of said materials are specified as part of this contract.